We import, sell, trade and distribute superfoods from Ecuador to the United States.


Our Mission

To find the highest quality Ecuadorian superfoods to keep consumers and ourselves healthy, both mentally and physically, and sell them at an affordable price.

Our goal is for Ecuador to be the leader and most known country of superfoods, one step at a time.

Our partners give back to their country and communities through social responsibility programs. SumaqCo personally knows the manufacturers and brands we import and have toured their facilities, making sure they’re compliant with our standards.

After all, Sumaq in the native Ecuadorian language of Quechua means "very good" or “the best of the best” and Co, company, when together forms what we always strive to be: the best of the best company.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
— Michael LeBoeuf, Businessman and Author

Meet the Co-Founders

SumaqCo Founders - Kameron (left) and Jose Maria (right) - at The Market, one of SumaqCo's first locations in San Francisco.


Our Story


Connected by Ecuador and a passion for healthy living and eating, SumaqCo was founded in early 2018.

SumaqCo’s Co-Founder, Kameron, has always loved chocolate. While in high school and studying finance at the university, he worked at a chocolate company in South Florida called Hoffman’s Chocolates.

Wanting to learn more about chocolate, business, and exporting/importing goods Kameron began brainstorming products to import only to realize Ecuador – the country where he met his wife with his now business partner, Jose Maria, in 2012 – and a country with an abundance of superfoods would be the best place to start.

Jose Maria, Co-Founder, met Kameron back in 2012 in Ecuador while Kameron was traveling, perfecting his Spanish, surfing, and volunteering in Ecuador.

Once Jose Maria graduated in 2017, he told Kameron about San Jose’s chocolates, their social responsibility and sustainability programs and one of a kind single plantation where he did his thesis for his environmental engineering degree.

Jose Maria helped San Jose receive their Rainforest Alliance certification. A month after graduating, Jose Maria came to Miami on a business visa where they could discuss their strategy to import, sell and distribute the chocolates before departing to California to test the market.

After 3 months, the chocolate are in 14 stores: 13 in San Francisco and 1 in Santa Cruz.

Kameron’s father-in-law, Alberto, who is the Vice President of Communications of Ecuador, provides a wealth of knowledge, connections and access to programs in Ecuador to grow our future social responsibility programs and build the relationships with U.S. and Ecuadorian businesses.

We love what we do, the producers and plantations we work with, and ultimately the products we import.


Hacienda San Jose’s Plantation

Los Ríos, Ecuador


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